Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'm Back!

   Well, I completely dropped off the face of the earth blogwise.  But, not because I haven't been busy...
   Yesterday as I was working on my second version of the Sorbetto pattern from Collette I realized that if I go back to documenting sewing things it will be much easier to make second and third versions of items 'cause I can refer to the posts to review what worked and what didn't.

 It is mid summer and my gardens are doing well.
   I haven't taken many pictures of my vegetable gardens but here are a couple of my favorite day lilies.  My mom has a huge collection and I'm trying to enlarge mine through her generosity.
          One of my goals for this year was to keep exercising over the summer.  So, I forced the issue and signed up for a sprint triathlon in early September.  My goal is solely to finish.  I'm trying to bike and swim a couple of times a week and am struggling with finding my inner runner(I'm not sure she exists).
     Every week I try to find a little time to sew and at this point I've made enough items that some of them have worked their way into my clothing circulation.  I don't have a lot of pictures but I'll take care of that in the future.
      Now I'm going to go out and enjoy this beautiful day!