Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Glue Gun!

   I bought a glue gun.  It might not have been the wisest of decisions but so far I'm having fun and have learned a few lessons.
    A couple of weeks ago I scored about 3 yards of some pleated rainbow ribbon in a yard sale for a dollar.  I wasn't sure what to do with it but knew I could think of something.  While perusing crafting blogs I've seen several posts about quick and easy homemade headbands.  A little bulb went off and I headed to Joann's, 40% coupon in hand.  Then I went to Walmart for some cheap fabric covered headbands.  Two hours after the idea I had results - nothing like instant gratification:

    The head bands were fairly easy but for me a little messy.  So I thought I would share some lessons learned:
1) glue guns are HOT!
2) hot glue will hurt your finger tips
3) glue sticks when hot - everywhere and everything it touches
4) cover the surface that you are working on unless you want to scrap glue off of it. (See example of an uncovered ironing board)
   But I would call the experiment a success.  I just folded over the ends and glue them down on the inside to keep from unraveling and carefully did a thin strip of glue a couple of inches at a time and centered the ribbon.  Just go slow.  The clean-up took longer than the head bands and I have lots of ideas for variations to try.
    I thought I had a brilliant idea to keep embroidered ribbon from unraveling but it failed.

   I thought if I glued it to fabric and then cut the fabric out the threads would stay contained.  But it was too difficult to not cut into the ribbon and the threads still came out.  Any ideas?  I think a ladybug headband would be darling.

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