Wednesday, October 26, 2011


   Over the past few years I have become better at setting and achieving goals.  It helps me stay focused.  They don't have to be big goals in fact, most are relatively easy to achieve but it still makes me feel good to accomplish them.  For instance, two years ago I was fifty pounds overweight.  I've been overweight at least thirty pound since my son was born but the additional twenty crept on and was slowly increasing.  So, my goal in January 2010 was to end the year weighing less than I started it.  Nothing dramatic but something to keep me motivated to exercise and think about what I was eating.  In January 2011 I weighed 25 pounds less thanks to that goal, regular gym attendance and weight watchers.  I set the same goal again for this year.  After a strong start (another 17 pounds lost),  I've been struggling this fall and put some back on but am still smaller than in January and I am determined not to finish the year heavier.
    So, part of my motivation for starting this blog is to help me be publicly accountable for the things I want to do but might let myself slack off on or give up on.  Granted, I don't think anyone is reading this (dare I say yet?) but even so I'm putting a goal out there for the world to see.
     My goal for the month of November is to sew an average of two hours a day for fourteen hours a week.  It is not a huge goal but I'm hoping it will help me actually finish some of my started projects and the Christmas presents I want to make.  I'm kind of cheating by taking next week as vacation but the fourteen hours will reset each week.  I will post on here my finished items and the hours I spent working on them.

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