Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Looking Backward

Where did November and December go?!!
What was I thinking when I started a blog so close to Christmas?  And, what was I thinking when I set a goal of 14 hours/week for the month of November?  Sigh, so naive and optimistic.

I will do better going forward but today's post is about looking backward over the past year.
I started the year with a few resolutions.  I only remember two of them.  Again, deep sigh.

I achieved one of them - I weigh less at the end of the year than I did at the beginning.  Even that had its ups and downs (pun intended).  Last spring I did a great job exercising and eating right.  I stayed on track with Weight watchers and by the end of May I was 20 lbs less than January 1st and only 10 pounds away from my goal.  Then, I stopped cold - not going to the gym and not doing weight watchers.  Interestingly thanks to being outside a lot I maintained for the whole summer.  Then, starting Labor Day weekend I lost control.  Gradually over the fall I put 10 pounds back on.  I started going to the gym again but not often enough.  So, while I still weigh 10 pounds less than in January 2011, it could have been better.

The other goal I remember was sewing related.  I wanted to finish 4 projects a month.  I hoped that this way I would work my way through my vast inventory of UFO's.  While I didn't not complete 48 projects I did complete quite a few both new and old.

 These are just a few of the completed items.  So I have to feel pretty good about my success rate.  Especially as some of the items had been unfinished literally for years.  Some were new - I am proud of figuring out how to sew clothes.
Obviously, from the poorly arranged grouping of photos I have not figured out how to use blogger properly yet.

Later I will look forward and set my goals for 2012.

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  1. You've achieved a lot. I saw your patchwork cushions over at the Crafty Christmas Club and used your tutorial to make some for my Mum for Christmas. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.