Sunday, January 8, 2012

Attempting to sew with knits

 Flush with the success of my lounging pants (which I have already worn several evenings) I decided to attempt a simple knit skirt.
  Leanne Barlow at always looks like a professional model in her homemade clothes so I decided to try one of her tutorials.  I had a cute cheap knit with strips so I thought I would make her Socialite Skirt.  It looks quick, simple and comfy.  The trouble began as soon as I tried to lay out the knit for cutting.  It took forever to get it lined up and flat.  I painstakingly matched up the strips but after cutting learned I was only semi successful.  It will be a while before I try something with tiny stripes again.  Then, I started to make the pleats.  The knit would not cooperate!  Finally I ironed on some interfacing to the top part and that helped with the pleats.  Bottom line  - a skirt I thought would take an hour or two took a half dozen and at the end I didn't even hem it because I was so frustrated.  Leanne's instructions were clear  - the issues were all created by me.
 So, one would think after that I would shy away from knits for at least 24 hours right?  Well, no.  I really need some shirts and I love cowl necks so I decided to make McCall's 6241 out of a black and white animal print.  Before I even cut it my husband said I would never wear it  - should have listened.  It cut easier and fitted easier than the other knit.  But, the semi finished top was HUGE!!  I went with my measurements but it would have fit someone 50 pounds bigger than me.  So I started trying to make it smaller.  Sadly I then wacked too much off the bottom.   To try to fix that I added a black band.  I took in the sides by an inch, cut off 6 inches in length from the sleeves and took them in an inch each too.  It is still big and now it just looks funny.  But, I still think this pattern has potential and might try again in a smaller size.  The knit worked better than the first one too.  If I hadn't damaged the bottom it might be wearable.
  The good news is that I'm half way through the Collette Meringue skirt and that is going MUCH better.  I hope to write about that later in the week.  I'm not counting the two above as finished because they aren't at this point.  Need to hem the sleeves on the black and white one and hem the bottom of the stripped one.  Not sure if it is worth the effort for either.
    Any tips for working with knits?  I could use them.

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  1. Brave working with knits! I have never attempted them though I have some old patterns that suggest knitted fabric as a choice, so one day I might! Shame about the animal print top it looks as if it was going to be really funky, the black band on the bottom doesnt look too bad either, looks designery!
    Sorry I can't help with your issues though...