Sunday, October 9, 2011

Could Not Ask for a More Beautiful Day

This morning at 8:30am DH and I were here:

Four hours later we were home, or at least I was as he went straight into work. It is beautiful here too weatherwise but no where near as scenic.

This afternoon I started cleaning up the vegetable garden for winter. I harvested more than I expected, including two tomatoes.

I think that I will roast the poblano peppers, mini peppers and tomatoes and do some kind of sauce for pasta for my dinner tonight with the chard.
Those tiny red peppers are tobasco peppers. We have quite a few and I have no idea what to do with them. Maybe dry them? I'll figure something out.
I pulled up all of the remaining plants except for the herbs and a couple of chard. Hopefully tomorrow I will get the rest of the garden cleared out and maybe even rototill it. Now to get back out and tackle some of winter preparation that needs to be done in the flower gardens out front.

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