Friday, October 21, 2011

Snap Happy II bag

    I seem to be on a bag making kick these days.  My most recent one is the Snap Happy Bag.
There are quite a few steps to making this bag including finding a measuring tape that you can cut up without incurring the wrath of any other household members.  It took me almost 2 hours to cut the pieces I needed and to prepare the bag for assembly.  It would probably take you less time - it took me some time to quilt quasi-straight lines on the main fabric.  Next time I will definitely free-motion quilt the outside.
       Note the cut up tape measure.  And the wobbly quilting lines.
   The actual assembly went together fairly fast.  What I liked is that you sew in the lining with French seams.  I had never seen this done in a purse pattern and I really enjoy the neat insides it produces.
    Here is the bag before the bottom is added.  Looks a little out of proportion.
  But, after the bottom gets fixed - perfect.
  I like this bag - it keeps things inside and is fun.  The instructions could be a bit more detailed - this might not be the best choice for a beginning sewer but the end result is sharp looking.  I liked that I learned a new technique (french seams on a purse) and the use of the measuring tape is clever.
  When I showed this to my DH his first comment was "What tape measure did you use?"  Fortunately I could truthfully say I bought one.  Of course, many of my scissors end up on his work bench...

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